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About C-Suite IMPACT CFOs
Strategic, Operational, and Fractional CFOs

C-Suite IMPACT CFOs is your partner when you need to speed up your business’s growth, close a skill gap, prepare to sell, require a strategic sounding board, and need support for a project. When you work with us, you have the expertise of a CFO who has proven experience in the c-suite without the cost of a salaried employee.

Your C-Suite IMPACT CFO is more than an advisor—they will help implement the customized plans created to support your goals. Your CFO uses numbers and experience to make unbiased decisions to aid in the growth, performance, and succession of your business.

Leveraging our community of c-suite executives, C-Suite IMPACT CFOs makes an impact on your business, helping you achieve your goals and ring the bell of success.

What Your C-Suite IMPACT CFO Can Do for You
Cash Flow Management
How can you maximize your revenue and margins? Your C-Suite CFO will evaluate your numbers and business practices to implement a plan.
Skill Gap Closure
It’s challenging to grow when your head of finance has hit a skill wall. We can come in and fill that gap while training them to grow with you.
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Profitable Growth Strategy
When you aren’t growing at the rate you’d like, your C-Suite CFO can evaluate your processes and help you implement a new strategy to succeed.
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Seated-CFO Support
Growing pains and unexpected events can leave your seated CFO overwhelmed. Bring in your C-Suite CFO partner to support short-term or long-term initiatives.
Project Help
Day-to-day responsibilities don’t disappear when new projects arise. Your C-Suite CFO can also come in to support projects like M&A, funds raising, process improvement, and more.
Strategic Partnership
Do you have the information you need to make informed decisions? C-Suite Impact CFOs acts as a strategic sounding board to help make the best, unbiased decisions for your company.
Our team of excellence and experience
Peter Caltabiano
Founding Partner and CEO
Pete served as the CEO of an outsourced fractional CFO services firm. Pete grew and lead a team of CPA’s and MBA’s that provided CFO services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Prior to his role as CEO Pete was a Director/Manager at an international organization where he developed expertise in process improvement, business transformation, cost reduction, risk management, mergers and acquisitions and employee development and staff retention. Pete managed a diverse workforce while navigating dynamic organizational changes and proudly drove record-setting results.
Craig Fallon
VP of Business Development C-Suite IMPACT
Craig most recently served as Business Development Director for PKF O'Connor Davies, a Top 50 CPA firm. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Partner Revenue and Growth Strategies at CFO Studio. Craig's experience and skill set make him an incredible connector of COI's. Craig serves to connect you with the resources you need. Craig is a business development expert and has always provided his clients with stellar service.
Tavi Meketon, MBA, SPHR, PAFM
Senior VP of Strategy and Execution C-Suite IMPACT
With 25 years of management and leadership experience, Tavi has led multiple established and start-up organizations into double-digit growth. Her varied expertise includes the development and implementation of effective operational, financial, and human capital strategies. She identifies objectives and translates them into short- and long-term goals that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Tavi uses a comprehensive view of all aspects of business to consistently turn a company’s mission and vision into success.
Steve Clark, CPA, MBA
A senior executive business leader with a depth and breadth of finance skills and a strong operations knowledge in manufacturing (hardware and software), IT (business systems) and HR. You would have a solid business operations right-hand man that can execute strategic plans who can identify key issues quickly. A resourceful problem-solver who simplifies complexity and finds a solid path forward with strong action-orientation. Brings large corporation experience to small and medium-sized businesses to have an immediate, positive impact. An opportunity to make a significant contribution to the success of a business is the most important aspect of any role for me.
David Wolfskehl
President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT
David has been an entrepreneur and a guide for entrepreneurs throughout his adult life. He has spent his 30-year career maximizing the effectiveness of teams, creating strategic partnerships that make the pie bigger for all parties, and developing training and coaching programs that have a long-term impact on all his clients.
Philip J. Whitman, CPA
President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT
Phil specializes in succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, strategic talent acquisition and practice management consulting. Firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners to top 10 global firms rely on him. Phil specializes in succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, strategic talent acquisition and practice management consulting. With firm management experience ranging from three partners, twelve employees, and $2 million in annual revenues to one of the Top 30 CPA firms in the Nation, with 48 partners, 400 employees and almost $100 million in annual revenues, there’s nothing Phil hasn’t seen.
Nathan Fong
Nathan brings nearly twenty-five years of operational, financial,and executive management experience to organizations representing a broad and diverse range of industries and business sectors in both public and private companies. His solid business experience is complemented by his strong business perspective in understanding business fundamentals – “how an organization works.” He is an experienced, conscientious financial executive with demonstrated leadership abilities helping diverse companies develop, implement, and sustain efficient accounting procedures and processes and finding direction by strengthening the accounting aspects of organizations throughout all business stages.
Vinnie Tuzzio
Vinnie is a corporate financial and operational executive with over 30 years in navigating companies to the next level of growth through strategic business planning and operational excellence expanding business through: organic growth and growth through acquisition. Proven ability to increase bottom line profitability, shareholder value and making companies VC and PE ready.
Michael Wirth
Michael is a seasoned financial executive with solid experience in all facets of accounting and financial management with operational experience, planning, forecasting, budgeting and business development in diverse manufacturing industries. Additional experience spans banking, property management, specialty services and reinsurance. Track record of consistently identifying and implementing cost reductions and operations improvements across industries, resulting in significant on-going cost savings. Additionally, leader in diverse areas of financial top line growth, as well as profit improvement. A team leader who harmonizes operations to maximize the strategic growth plans of your company.
Dayne del Valle
CFO and EVP of Florida Operations
Dayne is well-versed in utilizing strategic operationally driven and hands-on creative financial leadership strategies. She is passionate about uncovering market opportunities to improve financial performance and market growth, risk management, and internal controls. She is also highly regarded as an astute and results-oriented CFO financial leader.
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